SharePoint Migration - Lockstate "NoAccess" on Sharepoint 2013 - how to redirect

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Hi everyone,


at the moment we are closing down (finally!) our SharePoint 2013 installation.

I want to take all site collections offline. I will do that with the -lockstate noaccess command.


But... there will be users who did not read the mail or just don't care. 

Can i redirect the 403 message somewhere?


I was already playing around with the error codes section in IIS.

But nothing works .. neither in the .net error codes nor the normal error codes section.




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In the past, what I did was point the DNS record of the web applications to another IIS hosting a page with a notice about the change, does that could work in your case?

@Andres Gorzelany 

For a defined time we want to be able to allow the users to access their files again and then migrate them themselves.

So i just want the sites to redirect that we locked

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There is no OOB way to redirect from SharePoint, you might be able to use IIS ARR or other reverse proxy in front of it to capture those urls from Site collections that have been locked and redirect and let those that haven't been go through SharePoint servers
Ah ok. So the 403 is not from IIS but from SharePoint.
It would be great to have something like in SPO
Set-SPOTenant -NoAccessRedirectUrl ''