Sharepoint menus not visible when OneDrive-app is disabled.

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We want to disable the OneDrive-app on personal, not managed devices with conditional access.
When we do so, a message bar appears when a user visits the online version of OneDrive or Sharepoint.

In OneDrive this message bar can be closed by clicking ont the x-icon:

sharepointprobleem 01.png


On Sharepoint sites the message bar can't be closed. This is not a problem on some pages, like this:
sharepointprobleem 02.png


But on the homepage of a communicationsite it covers the complete menubar and can not be closed....

sharepointprobleem 03.png


That means that users can not use the site at all. Is this a bug? Is there a way to fix this?

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Where can I create a ticket at Microsoft to address this problem?
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I've contacted Microsoft. The problem has been solved.