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General question, on our main SharePoint ( page the viewers get "Sorry, you don't have access". It should redirect to  Thought about javascript to redirect but what page do I add the client script to. Also, found out that powershell be used to configure editing access to the main page. 


What is the best way to redirect?


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The "viewers" get Sorry, you don't have access". ??

Do you have access to it? It sounds like someone changed permissions on either the /sitepages folder or the /home.aspx page inside that folder.

First, that URL should not redirect to the sharepoint.aspx page. If they are going to, then it should go to the root site, not the users SP landing page.

The question to answer is, who changed the permissions on that folder or page?
A Site collection admin should be able to go in there and check, or if you cannot, put /_layouts/15/settings.aspx page and get in that way to go fix the permission issue
Thank you David,

Would it be best practice for us to redirect it to another page like Any security concerns if we just redirect the page or modify the main page with basic HTML and Javascript?
No, it would not be good to redirect it

the /sharepoint.aspx page is a custom page that only the user that is signed in sees. It shows just the sites that the current user has access to and is set to follow. Think of it as a bookmark page for only the user that is logged in.

Now that is out of the way, what are you trying to accomplish?
The old root,or is more of a classic site. Do you still use that root site?

Do you have a new modern site you would want to make as your root site?

What are you trying to accomplish with the root site (

Just get it so that the main SharePoint page does not display that ambiguous message of "Sorry, you don't have access" and a lot of white space. Some cosmetics to it, to enhance the main page look and feel. Ideally redirecting to Sharepoint.aspx so that they can see the tiles and latest SP sites, our SP is only for users who have logged in. Should the main page ( be anonymous access? Thanks again,
No site should be anonymous
If everyone in the company needs access to the root site, it's better to add the permission "Everyone but external users" to site permissions
David, do you have a particular site that I should refer to for SharePoint best security practice or a book?

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Also, is there a security concern to redirect the main page ( to the SharePoint page, since our administrators prefer that page to be the main one?
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What you should do is go create a brand new site. Design it and get it ready, how you want it, then use the first link above and do a site swap and make he new site the brand new root site