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Hello we are using M365 business basic according to researched this subscription does not have any support to backup SharePoint so for other like us using M365 Business Basic what are your good practice to backup SharePoint. Any free/paid software you guys are using please share them also so I may research further regarding backing up with our SharePoint. Thanks!

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hi @gmj12345 

While it's true that M365 Business Basic does not provide built-in backup support for SharePoint, there are several best practices and third-party solutions you can explore to ensure the backup of your SharePoint data. Here are some options:

  1. Manual backups: You can manually export your SharePoint sites, lists, and libraries using the SharePoint Online Management Shell or the SharePoint admin center. This approach requires regular manual intervention, but it's a free option provided by Microsoft.

  2. Third-party backup solutions: Several reputable third-party backup providers offer comprehensive backup solutions for SharePoint. These tools automate the backup process, provide scheduling options, and offer additional features like versioning and granular recovery. Some popular options include AvePoint, ShareGate, and SysTools SharePoint Online Backup.

  3. Azure Backup: If you're comfortable with Azure services, you can use Azure Backup to create backups of your SharePoint Online data. Azure Backup provides automated backups, encryption, and various storage options for your backups.

  4. Microsoft 365 E3 or higher plans: If you have a larger organization or more complex backup requirements, upgrading to a Microsoft 365 E3 or higher plan will give you access to the native backup and restore capabilities within SharePoint Online.

When choosing a backup solution, consider factors like your organization's size, budget, specific backup requirements, and the level of automation and ease of use you desire. It's recommended to thoroughly research each solution, evaluate their features and pricing, and consider any relevant customer reviews before making a decision.


Remember that regardless of the backup solution you choose, it's important to regularly test your backups and ensure they are recoverable to guarantee the availability and integrity of your SharePoint data in case of any incidents or data loss.


@Lalit Mohan 


from 1 to 4 which is the on you used?

Among this softwares AvePoint, ShareGate, and SysTools SharePoint Online Backup which one have ou personally tried and hows the experience?


Thanks for your reply by the way :)

Can you give links for manual backups for SharePoint recommended tutorials :)

All Lalit replies are directly from ChatGPT, I'm pretty sure he's not tried any of those...

As for Backup, the best practice within M365 isn't to do any backups in the traditional sense but working with Version control, sensitivity labels and retention policies as well as the second stage recycling bin.

As for backup and archiving I would go with Microsoft built in solution, which is Syntex Backup and restore. It's quite abit cheaper than the other alternativs and is native.

Syntex you have ay resources about this preferably a video on how it backup SharePoint what I saw on youtube are videos not really discussing how to back up SharePoint :(