Sharepoint logo not changing

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Hey everyone,


Like many other users, I can't seem to change the logo on my SPO site.


I created this site via Team -> go to Sharepoint site.


I've tried the many solutions:

  • change the look
  • change logo in site information
  • replaced logo file with __siteIcon__.png in site assets, gets automatically re-written by system


I get this error when I try to upload the picture via site information. Does anyone recognize how to adjust this setting?



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Worked for me!
This worked for me as well on our portal. Thanks again!

@MitchMicro2020 I struggled with this today designing a new site and found if I did the following it corrected my issue:


  1. Click top gear icon and select Site Contents
  2. Select the Site Assets Contents folder
  3. Delete _restSitelogo and _siteIcon files
  4. Click top gear icon again from top of page
  5. Select Change Look
  6. Select Header
  7. Readd desired files for Site Logo Thumbnail and Site Logo
Worked form me, thanks!

@MitchMicro2020, I had this problem today.  Here's how I fixed it:


Background: I created the site using my admin account, which was a Team group owner.  In the site, I added my regular account to the Site owner's group.  This was the account I used to modify the SharePoint site, and the account I used to try to change the site logo.  This failed no matter what I tried.


Solution: I eventually added my regular account to the Team owner's group.  Now my regular account had true full control of the site and was able to change the logo.