SharePoint Lists - show enhanced rich text column in gallery view

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Hi - 

I have a SharePoint list that includes a enhanced rich text enabled column, and I'm trying to see if I can display this (or even a preview of it) in the gallery view using the Card Designer. 


Or even if there's a way to show the full text in the list view, so it doesn't cut off the information. From other forum discussions, it seems like you can change the column height using json, but it doesn't work with the enhanced rich text columns. 


Would love to hear if anyone has solved this or has another app that could I could consider. Thanks! 



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Not all the field types in lists and document libraries are suitable to be used in default views / custom ones created with JSON. That seems to be the case with rich text editor fields

@Juan Carlos González Martín Thanks, that's what I was gathering from observing the functionality/options and reading other forums, and would love to her if anyone has found a creative way to solve for this or present information like this, even if it's not using lists!