[Sharepoint Lists] Is there a way to format date with json formatting?

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I'm looking for a way to format value as date with json formatting, but I can't find.

Is it possible to place multiple values from other columns and format them in date format?


For example, I would like to do like this within a single cell:


First time: 2022/5/31                " ='First time:' + [$firstdate]"

Second time: 2022/6/2              " ='Second time:' + [$seconddate]"


Is there a way for this?

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Hello @fgtom 


here are column formatting samples for date: https://github.com/pnp/List-Formatting/tree/master/column-samples


When you need your values as date, you can use calculated columns to transform text to date:



With JSON view formatting you can show multiple values in an viewable overview:



Regards, Dave

Hello David,
Thank you for your instruction.

I'll look into the references you have provided.
So, there's basically no direct way to format multple values in date format with json, right?