Sharepoint lists - duplicate rows when uploading/importing excel file

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Has anyone else experienced SharePoint automatically duplicating list items when uploading the list via an excel workbook/csv? I've encountered this problem 100% of the time and am not sure why it's duplicating everything 3 times each time a list is created... 


I do want to note that this only happens when I upload the excel/lists under my organization's SharePoint channels - when I uploaded this under "my lists," it didn't seem to happen. Your suggestions/insight is greatly appreciated!  


My test excel:



My steps to creating the sharepoint list: 



everything is duplicated 3 times: 





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@cinna103 I just tried following same steps and creating a list by importing excel file in both SharePoint site as well as in "My Lists". I am unable to reproduce this issue on our SharePoint tenant.


Can you creating list by:

  1. Using another M365 tenant (if you have any)
  2. Using Different SharePoint site in same tenant
  3. Clearing browser cache and cookies

If it does not work, raise support ticket with Microsoft directly: Get M365 Support - Online Support 

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I'm also having this exact issue! Completely identical. No probs uploading Excel table to My Lists, but using the Sharepoint site/channel it triplicates the first 50 rows or so. It's very frustrating.

Edit: it started with my co-op student having the issue. The problem persisted when I tried it as well. We got the same "we can't reproduce the issue" response.

Edit 2: Did you figure it out or are you still having the issue?

I am experiencing the exact problem!
Hi, same problem here.
First 50 rows are triplicated each time a list is created from Excel.
It started from a single user and now it has spreaded throughout the whole organization.
Very frustrating and strange behaviour.

@MCMax70 I came to this forum, looking for an answer to the exact same thing. Recently, like the original author, said while trying to upload an Excel spreadsheet through a SharePoint site instead of my personal my list, I noticed the first 50 lines were triplicated no matter what I did, I could not get rid of them, after deleting the original uploads re-downloading the report, re-creating the report clearing my cache, trying a different browser, etc.. The problem persists as stated above. This does not occur on my individual list only on a team-based SharePoint site, which I created. As suggested above, I created another SharePoint site strictly for the purpose of testing this and the same issue occurs. Not sure what’s going on but I hope Microsoft finds a solution soon as it is preventing me from using this otherwise wonderful product as intended. 

The same thing happens to me. Has anyone solved it?