Sharepoint / Lists - Datepicker is not working well (disappear)

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I'm not certain but I guess the form of datepicker in Lists has been changed recently. 

And now I tried to set the date for our Lists/Sharepoint List through my mobile browser in Android - Samsung internet / Chrome


firstly, the datepicker ( pop-up window ) is disappeared once I clicked the date field. I think it is a kind of lack. 

After some try, datepicker is not disappeared. then I can set the date. but when I click the date in datepicker, the window is closed. and the disappearing window happend again..


Finally I can click the time in datepicker window ( without clicking date ), I can input the time. ( the clock shape window)

but normally in my Sharepoint App., I can set hour first, then minutes later. but in this case, datepicker ( time clock ) is closed when I set the hour. And even hour information is not recorded in the field.


so we can't use the list in our mobile browser but Sharepoint App. only. ( we don't have problem with PC ). 

As I know Sharepoint App just shows few items(column) in the list. so it is quite inconvenenit to use.


Please help me 1) to change the type of date input, or 2) any solution for this issue.


I have attached the captured video for your reference. ( sorry for that the text is Korean )


Thanks in advance.

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This sounds like the same thing that was just reported to me. Has anyone found any information on this issue? The problem happens in any mobile browser.

@BridgetMcClure @AaronKim 


same problem is right now in our tenant.

Do you have any informations about solution?


Thank you

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