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I have a List with multiple drop-down value selections that drive other actions using Microsoft Flow. In my example, after selecting Email Requester in the first drop-down, a Flow sends an email, and then changes the first drop-down from Email Requester to a custom value of Waiting Response. This works as expected, but if I keep the list item open in an edit status, when I change the second drop-down to any value the first drop-down automatically changes back to Email Requester.


If I close the item immediately after selecting Email Requester in the first drop-down, after the Flow runs and the first drop-down shows Waiting Response, I can edit the item and changing the second drop-down doesn't cause the first drop-down to change. 


This appears to be a recent issue. A month ago when the List was created, we don't recall this occurring.


Help. Is this a bug in Lists or am I missing something?

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This sounds like a bug, but is it possible to see a screenshot of your Power Automate task?
Do you have any other Power Automate flows on the specific list? If this recently occurred, could you have a co-worker that have created an automated task that affects your list?

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Aref Halmstrand

@ArefHalmstrand - Thank you for the response.


After the original Flow/List starting showing this issue I created a new Flow/List to make sure there wasn't another source causing the issue. Here are the screen shots of the test Flow I created which is updating the test List.