Sharepoint lists - Conditional formating, multiple lines column.

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Is it possible to format a columns in lists, based on a "multiple lines" eg if it it contains text, not empty.

lists cond formating.PNG


The columns name is "Kommentarer"


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@Geir Hogstad yes this is possible and you can see this in the More... multiple lines of text column in the image below. If there is text then the background color is blue, but the background stays white if there is no text:



Put the following JSON in the advanced mode screen when you format the column:

  "$schema": "",
  "elmType": "div",
  "txtContent": "@currentField",
  "style": {
    "padding-left": "14px",
    "background-color": "=if(@currentField != '','#4f7b95','#fffffc')",
    "color": "white"

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Great, thank you.

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@RobElliottWhat about if you have "Append changes to existing text" turned on? My use case has the append option selected. I'd like to highlight my column if changes have been made, and no background if there are no changes (something like below). This would be a visual cue for users to quickly see if changes (or really comments as I'm using it as a call log) have been made. Thanks...