Sharepoint lists - changing the "Responsibility" column settings

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Hello, I would like to change the settings so that more than one person can be added as the Responsible person in my Sharepoint List.  Any ideas on how to achieve this?  I can add 2 when I edit the form but it always deletes the second person and doesn't show it in the List.  THA




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@JMoyle in the "Person or Group" column settings tick "yes" under "allow multiple values". That should do the trick. 



You need to allow multiple selection on your Responsibility (person or group) column. Follow below steps for that:

  1. Click on the Responsibility column header or the small dropdown next to column name.
  2. Select Column settings and then select Edit.
  3. It will open a panel/pop-up at the right side of screen. Click on More options on panel.
  4. Toggle Allow multiple selections to Yes.
  5. Click Save.

Image for reference:

Person or group - all multiple selections.png

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