SharePoint Lists and Excel formulas are giving different answers

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I am attempting to a duration calculation in SharePoint Lists, but it seems to be off by a day. I know there is an underlying Time Zone issue with the NOW formula, but for some reason it is also off by an entire day for me as well.


Excel Formula 


Where A2 = 11/8/22 and NOW = 11/3/22

Outcome = 4


SharePoint Lists Formula

=IF([Due Date]<>"",TEXT([Due Date]-NOW(),"d"),"")

Where [Due Date] = 11/8/22 and NOW = 11/3/22

Outcome = 3


Is there some sort of setting in SharePoint Lists that would cause this discrepancy? I thought it might taking off weekends when I originally set a date for next week, but it seems to just be one day off no matter what date I set.

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