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Dear Everyone,

I have created a sharepoint list. I used forms to enter my data and  then referenced the forms in the flow to display the content in sharepoint list.


Initially i was able to get the data entered using forms and displayed in the sharepoint list. Unfortunately from last week, when i execute my flow, the data entered using the forms is not displayed in the sharepoint list. Instead  i get a row created but the data in the fields are missing.


please note the error in the list is shown as "required info"


could you help me out?


Best Regards


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Hi Everyone,


Refer to the flow error message snip attached for your references.

hope to get your support.




@Vj2020 the error is with the Create item action as it completes but doesn't look as if you are adding the responses from the form into the relevant columns which is why the error is showing that it found a null value. Could you give a screenshot of this action the flow.


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Hi Rob,
Thank you for the message.
Please check my second post to the same thread, i have attached the error message with the flow.

Best Regards,

@Vj2020 it's not the error message I need to see, I know what that says and what it means. What I want to see is a screenshot of the Create item action as I think that is where you might have made an error.


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enclosed the flow details from the create item. Hope it  helps to clarify your question.

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@Vj2020 the error message related to the Title column being null. I can't see the Title column in your Create item action. I assume you renamed it to one of the other columns shown in the image., e.g Activity. But you need to make sure that the if you have required columns in your list that the form answers for those questions are also mandatory. It looks as though the form was submitted without that filed in the form having an answer in it.


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@RobElliott  I have created the new form and made sure all the columns in forms and share point are listed.

What i have done is, i have used the existing ID column in my share point list so that i can have unique ID for each item created.  

I used the forms to create a new list and display in the share point. 


Is this might be the reason ?


Best Regards,





@RobElliott  Thank yo very much and apologies for my late response.


I took a bit of time, but created a new list and followed your advise it worked well.


Appreciate your support.