SharePoint list with buttons to quickly change state of record

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I'm creating a SharePoint list, which I want the user to be able to read through and just toggle "OK" or "Not OK". I created buttons on the column and then a flow to toggle from "OK" to "Not OK" or vice versa.



The problem with this is that every click requires the user to confirm that the flow will run, which makes the buttons impractical for doing work quickly. I wanted the user to be able to just go down the list and click "OK" on all records that are okay, then either update them as they get clicked, or update  them all as a batch at the end.


I assume that the only way to have some control on a column that will change a record's state is to change it via a flow.


I can't get the user to edit in Grid View either as this just would not be user-friendly.


Can someone please advise whether what I'm trying to do is possible? Thank you!

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@shahmatwu you could create a PowerApps App on that SharePoint List as Datasource, without a flow.

And I think your users e.g. all users will learn to use the QuickEdit Mode as well, if you have the time and nerves to teach them. But I bet: It´s worth it more than any 12th-corner-flow...


Greets, Eva.

@Eva Vogel thank you! I'll try creating a Power Apps form.


The problem with QuickEdit mode is that it takes 3 clicks to toggle a value (click to select, click to Yes/No dropdown, click to select Yes/No).

@Eva Vogel That was a bit of a learning curve and I still have some issues with the quirks of Power Apps, but I did eventually implement what you suggested and it more or less meets my needs. Thank you!