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Recently I am facing an issue with my SharePoint Page. The page is of the organization chart and a list in it.

My IT Department changed my User Name and the Office 365 Id mail, which is leading to this issue.

Right now many users in the department when they try to open the page the Organization chart is visible but the SharePoint List web part is not. It does not load up, even after refreshing 3 to 4 times.



Some Solution I have tried from my self,

1. I removed the webpart and added again but the result was the same. 

2. Used the Id of another employee at my organization and did the same thing, but it did not solve my issue.

3. Cleaned the entire history of the Brower. 


In this image you can see the organization chart but not the list as it does not load up.

Well when i use my ID and check it shows both.



What to do, 


Harsh Mishra

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When the user refresh the page 2 to 3 times then it shows the list. The net speed is also good
I am having a similar issue with a "Quick Links" web part not loading the first time on a page. A manual refresh is needed. A private browser window forces a refresh when going to the page and it is reloaded automatically. Have only tried Chrome and Edge, but both have same results. So portions of the page look like they are missing when going to it and users are reporting missing links. This is for SharePoint Online and it is something that has just recently been reported to us.
Yea same. One more thing I notice is that when we check from our ID it is working perfectly but the user use it does not work.
There is not even a error code which may help to solve this issue or search for solution. I am feed up with this issue. All of my users are angry on me regarding this issue.