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I have a sharepoint list with several datetime fields and I use a powerapps form to update them. I have a coworker that is in central timezone while I am in eastern timezone.  The site is set to eastern timezone, the fields in powerapps are set to local.  If I set a field to 11 AM, the list row shows 11 and the edit form shows 11 for me but my coworker sees 11 on the row and 10 in the form. This makes sense since the site is eastern and the form is showing local.  I have no idea how to fix it and would appreciate some help since these fields are important.  I just want the fields to show the time that was input without doing any conversions when displaying them, we're just trying to record the date and times mentioned in source documents.  I have a separate field that shows what the timezone related to those fields is.  Thanks in advance.

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@BeachBenns I think by default Power apps shows the date values based on local/system time of current logged in user.


You may need to convert the date times in UTC or as per your site time zone settings using TimeZoneOffset() function while displaying the date values.


DocumentationDateAdd, DateDiff, and TimeZoneOffset functions in Power Apps 

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Thanks for replying. I'm looking to show the time (on the list and the form) that was put into the form without doing any conversions when displaying them. For example, if I add a record using the form and set the field to 10/19/22 11:00 AM, the SharePoint list should show that date and time no matter what time zone a person is in looking at it. Then if that record is edited, that field should still show that date and time regardless of the time zone the person editing is in. Does that make sense?
@BeachBenns I know it's a year and half later ! but did you ever get a resolution to this?