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Please help, I am trying to achieve vlookup from one list to another but that functionality for sharepoint list is only for lookup. Can JSON formula be used to do a vlookup functions in list?


If it is what formula should I use? 


Looking forward to hearing from those who are willing to help. 

Thank you so much!

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If by vlookup you mean to fiter some of the data of the other list, unfortunately this is something you cannot achieve with out of the box lists
Thank you so much for the reply, can I ask what do you mean by box list? How about using power automate to connect 2 list? Is that an option? Thank you!

@djreyes  A SharePoint list is not the same as an excel spreadsheet. JSON formulas can't be used to minic vlookups. And I can't think of any way to do this with Power Automate either. Sorry.


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Hi @djreyes,


you can have kind of this effect if you connect two list webparts through dynamic filtering.

1) Create two lists, i.e. Customers and Invoices
2) On the "Invoice" list create a lookup column to the "Customer". Name it "CustomerID"
3) Fill in some values in both lists
4) Create a new page in SharePoint

5) Add two "List" webparts to the page. One for "Cusomters", one for "Invoices"

6) Edit the settings for the "Invoice" Webpart
7) Select "Dynamic filtering" and make these setting

Now you have two list views



If you select a customer in the left list, the invoices list on the right will filter to just the invoices of that customer.

You don't necessary need lookup columns to do so (String and number columns also work) and you can even have more than two list.

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Thank you so much for the reply, appreciate it so much.
Thank you so much! We have a long list of items, this can work if its only minimal items. I can for sure use this for other projects.