Sharepoint List View - Showing items from the past 12 hours.

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Hi there, 


I need to create a list view that shows items modified within the last 12 hours. This produces a report that displays over midnight (1800-0600) that is then captured by my team. I have been struggling to create a view that excludes the items created from the morning of the same day. 


I have attempted to create a calculated column that calculates the time from NOW (time view is opened) against the time of last modified but this seems to error often. 


Any help would be appreciated. 

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Hi @EthanHAu 


I believe you will not be able to create a filter in the modified field to match those rules.
I don't have the full solution, but maybe you can create a calculated column to have the hour value of the modified date (0,1,2...) and then it may help to to create a view.