Sharepoint List view permission

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I have 2 views in my sharepoint list, one is All and another one is manager


manager only can have access to manager view, not all


All view will be only available to owner of sharepoint group


i tried google but didnt find any good solution, would like to ask for help here

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Hi @beeoctopuscroissant 


list view permissins are not possible OOTB. Only site, library/list or item permissions. 


Please attention, a view are only a "view" on your elements, nothing to do with permissons. If owner are not allowed to see the elements, you need to use item level permissions.


Here are inputs for your answer:


Regards, Dave

@David Mehr 


Thanks for the prompt reply! What if I create 2 list, and one i allow only manager to view, the other list I create it for admin personnel.


Is that possible to have 2 list synchronize with each other?

Hi @beeoctopuscroissant 


you can create 2 lists, yes, i think you can copy the item's with power automate. But i recommend that only 1 list is editable, the other are only read-only, this way you avoid synchronization problems.


Regards, Dave