Sharepoint list threshold error limit 5000 items versus export from 3rd party software Fastfield




I know there's a way to bypass this problem like explained in this article :


Modern view isn't an option and create index too because my problem isn't when I'm trying to view the list in sharepoint, but when I tried to connect an 3rd party API (Fastfield Mobile form) to a list that contain more than 5000 items. I supposed this 3rd party software use the classic system, but I cant manage that. 


I'm the tenant administrator, then access to Admin Center. Is there a powershell line that can help me to increase this value for a specific list or for the whole Tenant? Or, anyone have an idea? I'm really stuck!


Thanks in advance!

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You can't change the List View Threshold is SharePoint Online unfortunately
Seriously? Nothing to do? ... In my situation and with your knowloedge, what will be the best thing to do? Thanks
Unfortunately with Classic lists there really isn't an alternative other than to reduce the number of items in the view or split the List into multiple lists. Not idea, but unfortunately this is unlikely to change.

Given this is an issue with a third-party tool, it might be worth talking to them about suggested work arounds. Long shot, but worth asking I think.