Sharepoint list showing hashtag # marks in filters

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Hello, all...


After having established an extensive Sharepoint list to track some ongoing work, we've suddenly seen our main filters in some columns being replaced with non-functional filters like those shown below.



When I look at the filters using the main filters pane, I see both the intended filters and those with the apparent "spam" hashtags, which are non-functional:



Anyone know what is causing the "spam" tags? I tried creating a clean set of tags in a brand new column (not copied, all manually entered) and the "spam" still showed up.


As importantly as what/why is causing them, is there any way to remove them?


Many thanks!


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@JonathanPerkins This is now happening to us too.  Microsoft is this a bug that will be fixed?  Causing major problems

We are also seeing not only non functional filters, but filters with the same hashtag appearance, for every search that is performed. Clearning the cache works but is impractical for the amount of use this list receives. How does something get flagged with Microsoft for attention?