Sharepoint list: Pulling data from a different Sharepoint list

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Hello all -


I have a Sharepoint list that just contains 2 columns: Employee ID and Employee Name. Of course, both columns only contain unique values.


I want to create a second Sharepoint list with the same columns, but whenever an employee ID is entered into the first column, the corresponding employee name would appear in the second column. The same employee ID might be typed in several times, so that column could not be restricted to unique values.


Would a flow be the best way to achieve this, or is there a way to do it within the Sharepoint list itself?


Thank you!

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You can easily do that with Lookup function where your so the first list will have a ID and name, while on the second list you will select the column to be Lookup with selection the ID and also check the option where it says add a column to show each of these additional fields.

this way once you select ID the name will be shown auto but the key part is the first list should have both the ID and name.