Sharepoint List Permissions Vs Sharing Links to List

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Good Morning,


A user has had a problem accessing a Shared Link (granting them permission) to a SharePoint list and I have had to add them to the 'list permission settings' with read access. 


Can someone explain what the difference is between granting permissions via the list permission settings and granting permissions via a sharing link? I am unsure why both options even exist,



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Hi @pigsinblankets Granting permissions via the list permission settings allows you to manage access to the entire SharePoint list and site, providing more control. Sharing links, on the other hand, are used to grant specific item-level access, allowing users to view or edit individual items without requiring a SharePoint account. Both options exist to cater to different scenarios and security requirements.
It's basicly the same except it's more coinvent for the end-user to just use the share option but you also get abit more granual control in the way that you can choose to block an download.