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Hi Community,


I'm looking to partially lockdown a SharePoint list for contributors, so they can only see their own contributions made via a Power App. I tested this in a test environment a month or so ago, and it worked. My institution has now provided me with a different environment to run the live app with the live list, but MS appear to have revised the entire permissions settings and access, so I'm at my wits end to find how to replicate the procedure, if indeed it is still available. 


Any guidance would be gratefully appreciated.

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Hello @DavidEMillington 


the SharePoint permission structure are not different, it's the same in SharePoint since a long time.


Here are an article, how you can set permissions with flow:


Have you created a new solution on your live system?

Or copied Power Apps from one to the other? Fix the connections and relations to sites, list, fields and groups/users.


Best, Dave 

Hello @David Mehr 




Thanks for your response. I will research and test your flow option (thankyou for that) however, for now that seems a significant overhead for the job in hand, one that I previously recall was not an arduous task when done manually. 


This is the view that I get on the SP site with an App I built a couple of months connected to a different Environment:



This is the view I now see on the current Environment:





If I click on Advanced permissions settings, I can see the same levels, plus  a new one called 'Quality' which I created to grant Edit rights. Surely this should be viewable in the Share?





No, I haven't made  the app a solution on the Quality Environment, but neither did I make the previous app a solution on the original Environment. Yet on the original Environment, the user is only able to see data he has posted.


This is what he sees as a member with edit rights. If I put the test student in the Quality group with Edit rights, he sees everything: 




What am I doing wrong?