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I have a recent issue with a list in SharePoint with multiple People column types.


When I submit an item, the selected users appear fine in the list view. However, when I attempt to edit, those users are empty.



It also doesn't happen with all users. PM and PC work fine, but SD is always removed no matter which People field they are entered in.


I haven't been able to find a correlation between which users work and which don't, and haven't been able to resolve the issue. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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We seem to have similar issues after the patch of last Tuesday. When editing a list item, the people field becomes empty in the form and saving it results in data loss.


SharePoint 2019 server patched with KB5002310 and KB5002311.

Display form value of people field (classic mode):



Edit form value of people field:  SP takes just another user!  Another case is an empty user!!




Also in modern view:



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@crann777 This issue has been identified as a problem in December 2022 CU for SharePoint Server 2019 and is currently being investigated by the SharePoint product group.

@Stefan Goßner  Hello, when can we expect this to be fixed? We have various integrated processes within our company that are affected by this. Each item in our lists need to be edited daily to trigger certain workflow email alerts through PowerAutomate, but whenever someone goes to edit an item in a list and saves it, all of the assignee information disappears. This causes us to not only lose that information in that SharePoint item, but also does not trigger our PowerAutomate workflows since the Assignee information is missing. So people are no longer alerted when one of their tasks has been updated.


This has caused a large disruption to our daily work here, especially since we just migrated our information & processes to SharePoint 4 weeks ago. Please let us know ASAP when this will be fixed, or if there is a temporary solution we can implement.


Thank you.

Same here. We have big problems with our people picker field in many lists.
There are two kinds of problems: First, if we fill out the people field all seems ok, but if the list or item is saved, a random user is stored in the field and sometimes nothing is stored or other Accountdetails are stored.

We also use many workflows and tasks and at the moment, its not working correct and its a mess.

MS please fix this problem and the incorrect update.

So I guess good news is that the data is correct in the list, and only corrupts when you attempt to Edit, so our integrations and workflows are at least working properly in that regard. Our "workaround" has been to save the original values of the People pickers in a text field via workflows so that the data is at least available for later triage if necessary.

Some feedback on how we deal with the current situation towards the business:Tuesday (after escalation to and investigation together with MS on Monday) we decided to make all site collections readonly, which contains person fields (Powershell script scanning all our 8000 sites).


We assessed the most critical applications to make the site collection accessible again.  Many will remain read-only for the coming period till we have a fix.

We have created a MS Forms where site admins can request to make their site active again, but on their responsibility. 

We took into account that the fix would take at least 2 or more weeks.I know that MS is busy with the fix, but it takes time.

Ai, when your "integration" does a CAML query.... also incorrect person field info. A REST API gives good results.
A fix is in the works - but an ETA for a release has not yet been communicated.
We've just logged this with Microsoft Support also. Waiting to hear back. We have set all our sites to read only until its fixed.
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Microsoft have released a hot-fix for this. KB4461512
Installed on our SharePoint Farm and the issue has been resolved. The update prompts for a reboot of each SharePoint server when finished.

@jwhittaker Yeah..... i´ve also installed this hot-fix and the problem seems resolved. :smile: This hotfix saves christmas :lol:

This hot-fix also saves my new year vacation. ^^
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best response confirmed by Joerg Sinemus (Microsoft)

@crann777 This issue has been identified as a problem in December 2022 CU for SharePoint Server 2019 and is currently being investigated by the SharePoint product group.

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