Sharepoint List of Views is no longer alphabetical in Modern Experience

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Just recently something changed and now all of my Views that I have established for my Sharepoint List are no longer showing in alphabetical order.  If I switch my list over to Classic experience they are in alphabetical order still.   See screenshots below.


Is there a settings area in the Modern Experience that I havent found yet that I could manually arrange my List Views so that the end users can find their view easily?  I have a good amount of views for all different purposes and we need to get it alphabetized again.  Help!


Classic Experience

2020-07-01 17_16_28-ONE List - Open - Internet Explorer (1).png

Modern Experience

2020-07-01 17_10_20-_ Microsoft Teams.png

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@cmaly  I have noticed this exact problem on one of my document libraries. Cannot for the life of me work out why it is now throwing a tantrum! Hope an answer presents itself soon; looks messy at the very least!


@laurapadgham  My views appear to be all better now.  Guess Microsoft realized the issue thank goodness :)


@laurapadgham , I have the same problem, but it only occurs in the Edge browser, not Chrome. Microsoft suggested updating Edge, and I did so, but nothing has changed.


@joannalynne Even more interesting.  I didnt realize there was a connection with different browsers.


I ultimately spoke too soon as I thought I was fixed however I really am not.  It appears to be glitchy.  Sometimes when I open in Chrome one of my lists is in alpha order.  I open the same list in another tab in Chrome during the same session and it is not.  I just tried IE on this same list and it was ok. From within Teams it was fine when I responded before and now it is not.  And it is not even consistent across all of the lists I manage.


So still broken and frustrating darn :(

Yes, I just noticed this issue today. I had been using a single decimal point numbering system for my views to keep them organized and now they are a mess. No rhyme or reason to the order and the order changes depending on which view I'm. This is as of July 14, 2020. The randomness is frustrating and there is no setting I can find that manages the order of views -- in my experience it has always been fixed as alphabetical.
This is still happening to me, too, though it flips back and forth. I added a few views and it seems to be that it is listing them by the order the views were created, almost like the "ID" sort in lists. This has to be an issue on Microsoft's part.


I also experience this issue across multiple sites, browsers and users in the same site collection. 


Same thing is happening to me! Anyone found a solution?