SharePoint List notification rule changing field requirements

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We have created a list in SharePoint Online. We're attempting to create a notification rule set that, for a  Person or Group column (in which there are check boxes to select multiple people if necessary), when it contains a persons name, it sends an email to that person. 

We can get it to work once or twice, but it keeps reverting to "undefined". Screen shot of the example. First two lines in the screen print have blacked out the people's names. Final line, where it currently says "undefined" previous had my name, and I was able to receive emails in testing; but shortly after, it updated. I've not been able to find a solution to this issue.SP_Rule.png


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Setting up rules are like this better to use the Power Automate option as that is handy and never fails, you will be able to send that email to a person's email or even post to any Teams channel or as message to his/her teams.

so Power Automate old name (flow) is your friend for this use case.