Sharepoint list not working suddenly

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We have a sharepoint list created a month ago, with some automations in power automate to create or update the items. The list worked fine until yesterday, that we start experience some issues:

  - We can't add new columns

  - We can create views, but the views are not working and are somehow deleted.

  - The new items added since yesterday are not visible in all items view (they are there, I can access  through the link generated in automation, but can't be seen in list or filtered) 

 - We can't edit a field that is a lookup for users (we can edit other fields). This field worked until yesterday.


I made changes yesterday in the power automate flows, and the flows are working, but it seems somehow the list is not working properly. I have tried to deactivate the flows (can't erase them, they took a lot of working), to reset caché/cookies/another navigator but nothing seems to work. I'm the owner of the sharepoint site and have all permissions on the list.


Thanks for your help



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