Sharepoint List not importing Excel Headers

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I noticed lately that SharePoint is not importing the Excel table header names as column/internal name in SharePoint List. It was working before and I know it because I can check them in the List settings. The new list just wasn't the case. To illustrate, I'm going to use the following examples.


  • Created table in excel (Excel O365) (format as table). I have columns, say, "Name, Address, Telephone".
  • Create new SharePoint List by importing Excel.
  • The internal field names created for each of the columns above are 'field_1, field_2, field_3'.

Previously, the internal field names would import the header names as well. Tested a bunch of times with different column names (no spaces ,etc.), different data set and the results were all the same. They all carry the internal name 'field_1, field_2, field_3, ….' consistently.


What is going on?

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Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to fully test it out because one of the columns is a long text field and the long text is causing some issues. I'm going to try again. 

I am having a similar issue. This worked previously, and no longer does. Using the suggestion to publish from Excel is not possible in my case, since that function does not exist on MacOS versions of Excel. This was a key reason using the browser-based import was such a great solution. Was this a change to the product, or is there something in the file itself creating this issue? My first inclination was that it may do this, if I accidentally created a duplicate title on a heading, but I have verified that this is not the issue.