SharePoint list - multi-line enhanced rich text editor change


I think I should be posting this question in SharePoint AMA, but apparently I don't have enough privileges in the Tech Community to do so.


In the last two weeks a new 'Modern' text editor experience for SharePoint list - multi-line text column type with Enhanced Rich Text has been deployed to my tenant.  The new experience contains a link that allows the user to 'Return to classic experience'.  

Last week, when I returned to the classic experience, I was still able to see the old text editor and get to HTML view.    However this week, the 'Return to classic experience' link is no longer displaying the classic text editor - just the save and cancel buttons.

I'll confess to being a bit naughty here in that I was using this to pop in a little bit of custom code that allowed us to present things in a way that met our business owner's expectations (no OOB web parts will do the job).  A developer had created a custom web part that did the transformation of the content from the list.  We will now have to look for an alternative solution for this need.  

That said, I think the new solution is mostly okay for our non-technical content creators as we never wanted them playing with the code.  

However, there is a glaring oversight in the new 'modern' text editor for multi-line text field with enhanced rich text.  Users cannot apply proper headings <h2 - h4> to their content (nor define text as a paragraph <p>). However, they can choose other font styles - something they can't do in the text web part.  See attached screenshot if you don't yet have the Modern text editor for list multi-line column with enhanced rich text.

If users can't apply proper styles to their content, this has the potential for breaking accessibility when the content is presented on the page (e.g. semantic order may no longer follow meaningful sequence). 

I would like to humbly suggest that the Font  picker be replaced with a 'Style' picker that is similar to the one used in the Text web part- i.e. user can choose Heading levels, block quote, monospaced, and 'normal' text.


I'd be grateful if the community could suggest any solutions you have discovered that might help me include small snippets of bespoke HTML onto Modern pages.  I really don't want to have to develop a new web part every time a client wants something 'special' included on their page.

Also, if anyone has privileges to post to the AMA board, can you pass my feedback about the modern text editor for multi-line columns on to the staff at Microsoft.





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