SharePoint list items keep deleting by itself

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I created a excel spreadsheet, formatted as a table, and then exported as a spo list to be the data source for a powerapp.


The powerapp has a patch statement to add a new record to the spo list, which works fine. The problem I am experiencing is that the list items keep deleting without any reason if I go back and view the activity of the list. It happens randomly, and I have restored the list so many times from the recycle bin. I don’t know what else to do to fix this issue. I have checked over and over in the powerapp coding to see if something would cause a row to be deleted, but no. This spo list was created on 5/15 to be used with the app. So in all, there should be about 100 list items by now, now there are none!

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When you go to the recycle bin and see the list items deleted: who is the user that appears as the one that deleted the items?
When I look in the recycle bin to see the user, it’s a variety of users. But they don’t the have knowledge of using SPO. So I don’t it is something any user is doing intentionally.
Also, when looked at the list, it always opens in edit mode.

One time, to test a new entry directly to the data source versus coming as a new record from PowerApps, I clicked the ‘new item’ button in SPO, and it deleted all of the items, which was about 60 items at that point.

@Kim Salas did you ever get to the bottom of what was deleting the list? i have the same issue. when ever i open the app i created it works fine, then for no reason starts to delete all the list items!?!