Sharepoint list item version number incorrect on submittal




I have a SharePoint List with versioning turned on and have noticed that when a new Sharepoint List Item is created, it is actually showing as Version 2.0 instead of Version 1.0


Is there any reason why a newly created Sharepoint Item (that has not been modified by anyone) would have 2.0 as the version instead of the expected 1.0?


In the screenshot below, you can see it was submitted, but then another version was created at the same time.. not sure why this would happen?




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@Brandon McGinnis we have had this issue too, but only when the list item was copied using a workflow from a different library to start with. The source library versioning works fine but the destination library versioning is skewed like this and jumps versions ahead. We have not found a solution and regrettably just ignore it, which is obviously not a fix. I would be keen to know if you come up with a solution as opposed to a workaround. Best of luck.

@KateAtACNMI found that the item was actually triggering a rogue Flow and updating it.


Hopefully you find a solution!