sharepoint list item disappears when being edited

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when the user click/open an item from the sharepoint list some content on the field disappears and when try to edit the content on the field is gone and has to be re-entered. it was not like before when i created the sharepoint list but all of a sudden this happens. does anybody had the same experience?
see picture below.


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Hey @Abbyamante, as an author of a list you can look at the list settings, then click in advanced list options. In the category about who can read or edit an item, normal members may have only a reading permission, not an edit permission. The restriction is quite new. If you are a normal (member) user thus, you are not allowed to edit original data. In the same options page there is another option to block the QuickEdit and the informations panel at  the right side of a list. Only a suggestion where the cause comes from. Greets, Eva.