Sharepoint list is not updating for specific users

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We have a sharepoint list which has been initially created in a teams channel.  The sharepoint list does not update for certain users and remains with the values from a certain date. Other users see all the updated content. De users are both an owner or a member.  We have deleted the users from the sharepoint list and team site, and added again afterwards (after a while). This did not resolve the issue. The user has cleared the cookies in edge and this resolved the issue. However, when accessing the same sharepoint list in teams, the user sees the old sharepoint (not updated). When the same users then refreshes a couple of times the sharepoint list in edge, the old not updated sharepoint appears again and is not updating anymore. Again, other users (also member or owner) do not experience this issue.  Any idea what the root cause of this would be?

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@samverfailliewe have recently experienced the same issue in our organisation. No fix yet..

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Same experience here. Some additional details:
When making changes to the list, the changes are not synchronized to SPO. A circle icon with double arrows shows up: "Syncing changes" - stays forever. When opening in incognito mode, the list is updated and changes can be made, but only for a small while then the issue comes back, the issue stays until the session is closed and reopened in a new incognito window.
Tried clearning all browser data and that didn't help at all.

Edge Version 117.0.2045.47 (Official build) (64-bit)

Didn't help:
Clearing OneDrive
Disabling Offline availability for the list

"I deleted the following folder: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneDrive\ListSync. To accomplish this you have to first stop the Task for OneDrive and Sharepoint via Taskmanager."

This did the trick for me aswell, thanks! @asmmolbak