SharePoint List in Modern view - column data is deleted when new answers are entered into form

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We have been experiencing a recent issue with our SharePoint lists.

In Modern view, when an item is double clicked which then opens the form, if we click on different fields, it will then remove data from fields (column field) that previously had data.


This is what i see when we first open the item:


and then if I select an option for Fee, it will then remove the Site answer immediately, and automatically saves:


Previously, this has not happened until 3 days ago, and now it happens with all Lists.


Is there any known issues that anyone is aware of, or do you have suggestions to fix this?


Thank you very much for your assistance



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Same problem here. users report me the same behaviour in a Project task list.


If they edit a item, all "choice" values gets deleted. they are about to destroy the task list.


Hey, I have same issue with different environments, it’s only affects Choice type columns, and in Quick edit mode. As work around I disabled Quick edit, so to edit items user need click edit button. Raised ticket /service request as it seems like a wide spread

@simuuhour's is now fixed to.  Thank you all for your responses!