SharePoint List in Classic Experience


It is possible to make the Classic Experience the default experience without removing the PowerApps Form that is associated with the list?  I know to go into settings to set it as Classic View, but then the PowerApps form is not available.

The reason I would like the list to be in Classic View is because of the Key Filters feature, which I also understand there is a filter option in Modern View, but for currency field, there is not an option for an Equals, greater or less option.

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AFAIK, Classic experience does not support PowerApps customizations
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@Juan Carlos González Martín I can switch to Classic and it still loads the Customized Form app, but can't force it to stay in classic, when this is selected, then the Customized PowerApps form is removed.  Wasn't sure if there is a way to return to classic view once a user closes the form.