Sharepoint List: Importing CSV Times Wrong

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This should really, REAAALLLLY be simpler than it is. 


I am trying to import a series of baseball games, with description, date, and first-pitch times to be posted as a calendar on a company Sharepoint site. I tried Sharepoint event calendar option, but that only allows viewing as tiles, not in a calendar month view, which is what I want. 


I figured out the only clean option is to export from Outlook Calendar to a .csv list and create a new Sharepoint list on the site with that file viewable as a calendar. I export the data to .csv but Outlook spits out start date and start time as two separate columns and Sharepoint list only recognizes a combined startdate AND starttime column. 


Fine. Concatenate the start date and start time columns, keeping the m/dd/yy  h:mm am/pm format. 


Create a new list using that new .csv with the combined startdate+starttime column, and it changes the time by 7 hours. 


I've checked my own time zone and the time zone of the site under the site administration settings, and both are PT. The server is in PT. Everybody's in PT as far as I can tell, but for some reason it's spitting out Zulu or UTC time instead of what's actually being imported. 


I'm not power automating or "flowing" anything. This should be an easy export/import thing. Heck, this really should be a simple "change view to month" on the calendar webpart, but that's asking waaaaayyy too much, clearly. 


Already this has eaten up more than 40 man/person-hours of time figuring out how to get Sharepoint to even display a calendar correctly and then how to get Sharepoint to display the data correctly. 


Any help will be greatly appreciated by my head and desk, which have been regularly meeting each other in very violent ways over this. 



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