Sharepoint list - How to restrict modify access to a specific columns in sharepoint list

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Hello All, 

I have a sharepoint list which has a few columns. I want the values in two columns in the list to be modifiable but keep the rest of columns unmodifiable. How can I achieve this ?

Any help is appreciated.

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Unfortunately granular security at the column level is a feature never present in SharePoint...if this is a requirement you have, you might take a look at the Microsoft Dataverse

You can accomplish this with JS-Link, you have a field for that. You may gray out the other columns or hide and update only the ones you want. IF the List accept only modify that 2 Columns

Well, that's not indeed adding security at the column level, but more customize how you work with information. Also bear in mind JSLINK is only supported in classic experience, not in modern one....for modern one take a look at what can be done with JSON formatting