SharePoint List - how to leverage Column Totals?

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I have a SharePoint List where owners can see/edit all items, but members can only see items that they have created.  Therefore, Column Count (Totals) is different for owners and members. 



Owner (TEST LIST).png



Member (Same TEST LIST).png


Can I leverage the Column Count of each?  I plan to create a Power Automate flow that will notify me when items viewable by the owners reach a certain amount.  And then a separate flow will use the Column Count of the members to notify me when items viewable by that group reach a certain amount.  Is this leveraging of the Column Count (Totals) possible?



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@JPT62876, I believe access management is setup with SharePoint permission groups, so you can get such info by users count in each permission group. You can use API's in Power Automate to get count of users in a group by SHAREPOINTGROUPID parameter.

@JPT62876 have a look at


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So you can't really use the security model, but what you can do is just utilize the created by column to get the counts for each user. And then filter without that column to get total counts in power automate.

You can utilize the Get Items action and use odata filter part of the action to apply the same filters you would have in a view. Then use a length() expression to get the count of the get items / body/values for those filters. You can enclose this in a Apply to Each condition with an array or query list of users from the users connector etc. Then inside that for each user you can insert the user in the odata filter where CreatedBy.Email eq 'theuseremailvalue' for the get items action and then get the length() of that, then a condition that uses that length and act off that value.