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Hello, I am trying to create a sharepoint list, where one of the option is to enter a two digit state.   I currently have an =OR statement that works just fine:




if a user does not enter one of the above state abbreviations in the sharepoint form, they get an error.


however, I now need to add additional states.   where I will have a total of 35:




I get an error on this, and from what i read, only 30 OR statements are allowed.   is there a better way to go about doing this?   while keeping it simple?    I have read where you can nest AND statements, but can you nest OR statements somehow?   thanks in advance.

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@sm8224 - What is your field type?  Couldn't you use a Choice field and just have the two code options in the data for the Choice?  Are you setting this up in the column validation?  If you don't want a choice column, have you considered creating a customized form for the list in Power Apps?  

I am using single line of text. i tried the choice type, but i dont like it. its not very clean, and opens up a large window, with the option far to the left of the screen. if it worked like a normal drop down list, that would be great. I have not tried a customized form in power apps. i'm new to using lists in general for now. Beyond that, so there does not seem to be a clean way to validate one of the state abbreviations? thanks