Sharepoint List Gallery View on default

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I have created a Microsoft list, changed the view to gallery, saved it as new view and set it to default. Evertime I open the list it starts in gallery view.

On a teamwebsite in the modern layout I have added the webpart for lists and choosen created list. It is shown in the list view. I can change the view by selecting the predefined view to gallery but when refreshing the site it comes back to the list view.

It is uncomfortable to change the view everytime someone enters the site and when I hide the command or navigation bar of the list changing is impossible.


Any idea how I can set the view to gallery for all users entering the site?

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Hello @HUB-DNR 


you can try to create a new view shown as gallery, set this new view as default.


Best, Dave


Late reply but in case nobody has figured this out yet.


Select the view you want to change. Setup the view as you want it, gallery, list ascending etc.

Then click "Save view as"

Save over your current view.