Sharepoint List function not working on another Sharepoint

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Hello everyone :) 


I Am having an issue with a SharePoint of mine. 


On my Test SharePoint, the function is working fine, but on my production SharePoint I get a syntax error.


Here is my code : 
=STXT([Scan Envoi];12;12)&" / Retour : "&STXT([Scan Retour];12;12)

Basically what it does is : 
I have my collegue from the warehouse scanning labels for Purolator. They scan 34 characters but we only need the 12 in the middle. So I made this code to keep the 12 in the midle then write : " / Retour :" (return) and then the function again to return the 12 characters only. 

It function on my test SharePoint but on my production SharePoint NOPE.


It's not a problem with the column cause I tried using one that were already created or create a new one. Still the problem is still there. Tried with a different account, same thing :\

I'm really lost at this time. Why it would work on a Sharepoint but not another one ?

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Where are you using this formula exactly? In calculated column formula or in Power Apps or in validation formula or inside excel file?


Can you add screenshot of where you are adding this formula, if possible?


Also, make sure both SharePoint sites have same language and regional settings: Change regional settings for a SharePoint site 

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Yes sorry I forgot to mention. I am trying to paste the formula in a calculated column. Both SharePoint are on the same Regional Settings and Language. (Both are French (France) and UTC-5:00)


Sorry for the french text on the screen capture