SharePoint list formatting not working on Search Results page

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I have a SharePoint list, formatted with JSON in the gallery view. If I search for an item, the format is not supported.


Here the sample used:


However, if I use the list view. It's working well.


I have to use the gallery view because there is about 1500 items and it seems the list view format can't display more than 100 items if the format causes the rows to be on the same line: 


The column view formatting is not supported in the search view: Is it the same for the gallery view?


Thanks for help.

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@ChloeB33 As per my analysis, when you search within SharePoint list, search results will be shown in "List" view and not in "Gallery" view. So, this is not specific to JSON formatting as search results are shown in list view by default.


Also, there is no way to change it to "Gallery" view from search results page:


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