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Hi, I just realised that the formatting for a Microsoft List item in form view can be edited by entering some JSON in the "Configure Layout" option. My question is, can the JSON formatting be tweaked so that the column description is shown next to the column name? That would be ideal, but I would compromise if it could at least be visible all the time where it currently sits.

I know it appears below the field when it's clicked. The problem is that most of the time, it's hidden when entering something becasue of a drop down or something and also, there is plenty of space for the description to fit. I also know that it appears when in "Edit all" mode. But I need it in form mode as it's shared with other users.

The reason I need this is because I have a health and safety form which feeds into an MS list. The List's columns have a one word name so that it's easy to see in list view. The column description has the actual question in the form. However, the item in form view will be shared with the user's line manager and just by looking at it, there is no context as to what it means. As you can see below I have Screen, Seat, Workstation, Light and Temp. The health and safety people know that a 'Yes' is good and 'No' is bad. However without the column description, the line manager can't see the issue easily.




Many thanks!


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I have the same problem
Did anyone solve this problem, we are facing with same issue as well


This would be really useful! I could do with this too.

@mccoyd do you get any solution to solve it?

Yes, I believe this is a bit of a design oversite. It's impossible to read the description for any drop down field. Or is there a way to show the description regardless if the field is selected or not? Or move it as mentioned in this post. It's these small things that make the difference.

@Euan_Dykes same question, what's the point of the description field?

@mccoyd @Paul Mitchell @Euan_Dykes @Eric_Liang @caulfiek 


Unfortunately, this is not possible using SharePoint JSON formatting. Body layout formatting does not support advanced customizations like header/footer/column/view formatting.


Unlike the header and the footer, body configuration only allows defining one or more sections and adding one or more columns into each of those sections.


DocumentationConfigure custom body with one or more sections 


Solution: You have to customize the list form using Power Apps to customize column description and achieve your requirements.

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