SharePoint List Filtered View Export to Excel - Geo Location Is unreadable

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Hi All I am trying to export a filtered view from Sharepoint List but the geo location comes out really funky.  Is there a way to clean this up?


Any advice you can offer would be great.


{"EntityType":"PostalAddress","LocationUri":"","DisplayName":"4000 Wellness Dr","Address":{"Street":"40ess Dr","City":"Midd","State":"Michigan","CountryOrRegion":"United States","PostalCode":"48670"},"Coordinates":{"Latitude":null,"Longitude":null}}


Also, is there a way to create a button to PDF a particular sharepoint list view.  This SharePoiint list filtered view export is being consumed by the c-suite and the way it comes out is not as clean as I would like it to be and I can see them not being liking this.  


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