Sharepoint List - filter by results of another list.

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This is a filter by multiple items question. I have a staffing list webpart that I'm using the current user filter webpart to display the projects that a specific person working on (which will typically be more than one project, but not a massive amount).

I would like to use the results of the filtered staffing list (using a Project Number field) to use as filter criteria on another list webpart. When using out of the box filters, this works great when only one project number is passed to the second list. Is it possible to pass the list results as an OR statement?  I've got SP2013 enterprise and can probably fumble my way through sharepoint designer.  Just need some help pointing me in the right direction with either workflows, code, or maybe an overlooked calculated column formula.

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I ended up settling on using the parent/child filters between two tables.  It requires a few more clicks for each user, but it works today.