SharePoint list - Filter a field in form based on another field when adding a new element

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I have a SharePoint list that I use as a simple ticketing system. In that list I have I need the values of one column to be filtered based on another column when I add a new item / row.

Previously this was done using an infopath form but because compatibility it is no longer an option and using PowerApps neither.

As an example, I currently have a list in this format with theys keys:

Area1 - Product 1
Area1 - Product 2
Area1 - Product 3

Area2 - Product 4
Area3 - Product 5
Area3 - Product 6

I need that, in another list, when a user adds a new element in the list and in a option field / column of the form selects "Area1"  in another field only the options "Product 1, Product 2 and Product 3" appear.

Right now this list use a look up column to one with the keys but I fail trying to configure de "product part".


Could anyione help me?


Thank you.

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