SharePoint List editing issues on the list created items

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Our SharePoint lists are having displaying errors as existing items are overlapping. This occurs when I select an item then try and edit it by edit all . This will just open the list entry haphazardly making it difficult to see which column we want to make changes to or make it difficult to read anything at all.  

We also have a column with multiple lines using enhanced rich text , this cannot be completely edited as it opens a blank notes page when I select edit to change existing notes.


I raised a support ticket some weeks ago and its still being worked on.


Can anyone assist with this as it's a show stopper for us.

Thank you

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@Sesu-  we also faced the same problem here 

How did you resolve this or did you at least find a work around the issue while Microsoft is troubleshooting?
I’m desperate for a resolution as we have a large backlog of work cause of failing to edit the column data.

@Sesu- Sorry, I should have said we are facing the same problem here. I've created a ticket with MS, it has been escalated to the senior Engineer team and now I'm waiting for their answer. 

I will let you know once I know more

It could be daunting waiting for a solution from MS :) 



Hi @Jackievo

I understand. please do update me once you get a resolution. I have a support ticket raised too but it's almost 3 weeks now with no solution.