SharePoint List does not load correctly

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Hi everyone, 

I encounter this problem every time I open a SharePoint List.


SharePoint does not show all the list function and some columns are missing. Users have to manually refresh every time for everything to show up. I think this could confuse some users and may cause some frustration if they have to navigate back and front between lists. 


Is there a way to solve this problem? I provided some example screenshots below. 

Before (Open for the first time, some of the list functions are missing, only show 5 columns)


After refresh 





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you should be able to fix that from the list view and here is how you will fix that,

You will need to have edit or ownership permission on that SharePoint list.

On the Right top of the text which says (All Items),> click on that the list will have many options in the drop-down select (Edit Current View) > it will open in another edit with Edit view title where you can tick the other column which is missing even you can set the order once you are done click ok.

Note: make sure not to make any other changes.

let me know how it goes?
Thanks for the response. However, it doesn't work for me.
when you say it doesn't work for you, is it you don't have permission, or you follow the steps and still don't work, or you couldn't find the steps easy?